Minimed® VEOTM

A new era in diabetes management

The Minimed® VeoTM insulin pump takes diabetes management to a new level, giving you and your family the freedom you deserve. Every waking – and sleeping - hour the pump helps you to keep your glucose levels stable, which means you can get on with enjoying life. No other insulin pump can give you this level of protection.

Paradigm VEO Insulin Pump

What makes the Minimed® VeoTM different?

There is no other insulin pump quite like this. For starters, it will:

A Feature Packed Pump......

Even if you don't want to use the CGM features of the Minimed® VEOTM all of the time, this pump is jam packed full of advanced features:

  • Smart & Safe- with the Bolus Wizard® to do the calculations for you to suggest bolus amounts quickly and easily, as well as different basal programmes, temporary basal rates and changeable active insulin curves for really precise control.
  • Freedom- Have the freedom to set your own routine - eat, sleep & exercise when you like. With a minimum basal rate of 0.025 U per/hr and maximum bolus of 75 unts, this is our most flexible pump ever
  • Easy to use- With a really simple and intuitive menu, a 'back' button and minimal button presses to get to the features that you need. The large font and backlight gives clear on-screen instructions at a glance.


Capture events lets you keep track of exercise and other activities on your pump without a seperate logbook, missed meal bolus reminder means that you won't forget to deliver a meal bolus, alert lead navigation gives you even fewer button presses for you to get to menu items, and linguistic changes have made the pump instructions even clearer. Not to mention that this pump is now available in a 'Pretty in Pink' colour and is our lightest weight pump!

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