CareLink Personal

CareLink Personal

What is CareLink™ Personal software?

CareLink Personal is software that enables you to download your diabetes devices and see historical data that they have collected in the form of graphs, charts and reports. These reports can help you to understand the effects of insulin dosage, eating habits, exercise routine, and medication on your glucose levels and are the key to improving your diabetes control. Seeing this cause-and-effect relationship in chart, graph, and table formats allows you to better identify patterns and problems that will help you figure out the root cause of your low and high blood glucose levels.
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Which insulin pumps are currently supported by the CareLink Personal software?

Visit the Medtronic Carelink Support page for a list of insulin pumps which are currently supported by Carelink Personal Software.

Which blood glucose meters are currently supported by the CareLink Personal software?

Visit the Medtronic Carelink Support page for a list of glucose meters which are currently supported by Carelink Personal Software.


What is Java™ and why do I need it to use CareLink Personal software?

Java is a software technology that is used by CareLink Personal software to allow you to upload data from your pump and meter(s) to the system's database. If you don't already have a compatible version of the required Java plug-in installed on your computer, CareLink Personal software will, with your permission, download and install the plug-in.

I'm having problems installing Java™?

If you are having trouble installing Java, you may need to download and install the Java™ Plug-in manually. Follow these steps (you may find it helpful to print these instructions before proceeding): Download the Java™ Plug-in and save it to your desktop or another known location. Close all open Internet Explorer windows. Double-click on the saved file that you just downloaded and follow the instructions provided in the installer. Click on the Upload tab. If the applet starts up, the installation was successful.

How do I access CareLink Personal software?

You can access the CareLink Personal website here.

What do I need in order to get started?

Go to the CareLink Personal website, click on Sign up now and create a CareLink Personal account by following the instructions of the enrollment. You will need a CareLink USB to download data from your insulin pump.


How long does it take to upload data?

Frequent data uploading (i.e. every two - four weeks) will provide uploads in about 2-4 minutes depending upon frequency of use of the insulin pump and CGM features.

How can I share my treatment reports with my healthcare provider?

You can share your reports by printing them and taking them with you, and/or saving them on your computer and e-mailing them. Note: Be sure to get your healthcare provider's permission before e-mailing reports to him or her. Also, be aware that e-mail may not be a secure communication medium. CareLink Personal software is also designed so that it can integrate with CareLink Pro software (on your HCP's computer). If your healthcare provider has CareLink Pro software, he/she can download your device data from CareLink Personal in advance of your appointment (with your explicit permission and personal password)

How do I create reports?

From the main Reports page, select a report from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the date or date range for the report and click the Go button. Your report is displayed as a PDF file in a separate window.

I've forgotten my password?

Simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link displayed on the login area of the home page and a temporary password can be sent to you via e-mail. The temporary password can be used to access the system for up to 24 hours after it has been issued and you will be prompted to create a new password for use on subsequent visits.

How frequently should I use the software?

Frequently uploading data has two advantages. First, it takes less time for each upload to be completed because less data is being copied. Second, because your device cannot hold more than three months of information, frequent uploads will help you avoid gaps in your data over time. Your healthcare professional may recommend how often you should upload data from your device. Generally we recommend to upload every 4-6 weeks.


Is my medical and personal information secure?

Medtronic is committed to ensuring that all your personal information is kept private and protected. The CareLink system uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), a data encryption technology, to ensures that data is unreadable during the transfer similar to the online bank standard.